A Good Reason To Invest In The Stock Markets And Casinos

A Good Reason To Invest In The Stock Markets And Casinos

Poker, Casino, Card GameWe are going to present to you a company which seems interesting both on its prospects for growth and valuation. Its main downside may be that it is a small company with a lot of risks, but the company is serious enough to show that it is a growing company.

But what exactly is this company?

The name of this company is Nevada Gold & Casinos (UWN). Its market cap stands at just $ 15.9 million and the share price is just under $ 1. But as we’ll see, there are very good reasons to invest your money in this company, and we’re not talking about pennies. This company really has a future ahead of it. The company only needs to show its real capacities on the stock market. It has already shown its ambitions and capabilities in its turnover for this quarter. A matter of time according to Wall Street.

First of all, you should absolutely know that the company operates in two different sectors::

First, the company operates in everything related to mini-casinos in Washington state. So far, Nevada Gold & Casinos achieved 83.6% of turnover during the last 9 months of January 2013;

Second, He runs a slot machine network in South Dakota. These represented a 16.4% change in terms of turnover over the last 9 months.

First reason to remember with UWN: Its constant growth.

Poker, Card Game, Casino, GamblingThrough constant organic growth and acquisitions, UWN has recently become a stable and prolific producer. The table below shows the efficiency of its revenues over the past few years.

We see that growth has risen sharply by over 20% compared to the same quarter last year. This increase comes from the increase in the acquisition of South Dakota (purchase of slot machines), if it continues in this direction. An increase of more than 7% is likely to happen soon. The best way to invest is in casinos and now is the time to act.

Additionally, this growth, along with cost containment, is now allowing UWN to start showing profits. The last quarter had already been very profitable, and the improvement looks set to continue.

Taking into account the high market capitalization of $ 15.9 million. of its debt of around $ 15 million and cash of $ 6.8 million. The group arrives at a return of over $ 65 million.

In the United States, the crisis for certain groups no longer exists. UWN also has a continuous effort to contain the costs which are essential to increase its profitability and to give a real boost to its turnover.

This type of investment is really to be taken very seriously.

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