The English like to bet in anything and everything

The English like to bet in anything and everything


As you can see, the French are not the world’s leading punters. The English are slightly ahead of us. In the UK, betting and gambling have become a matter of habit. The British are more fond of going to casinos, playing cards, participating in sporting events and betting on the national lottery than going to a simple football match.

Their favorite pastime is to gamble, to bet, to win.

Casino, Chip, Map, Game, Dice, AceBut here, soon, in Great Britain, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton will soon give birth to a little girl named Alexandra. (This is obviously the most popular national grand bet today…) The birth of the child is scheduled for around July 17, 2013, punters are excited to be able to bet and play by guessing the exact date of birth of this child. The population is very concentrated and no joke on the subject is in order. Everyone wants to win their bet.

It can range from the baby’s date of birth to weight, hair color and gender. Almost $ 1.5 million has already been wagered.

The most popular bet at the moment by the British is to try to determine the origin of the baby’s first name. “Alexandra” A coquettish name chosen, because it is in fact the first name of the queen? Maybe Kate will insert a middle name for the child. Will he be Victoria? Elizabeth? Diana?

The bet can be crazy, but it can be played in casinos, in tobacco bars and even in every neighborhood.

“ The name is a massive talking point, and there is a long list, all with attractive ratings. Here in Britain we play like the national Euro Millions , ”Ladbrokes spokesman Alex Donohue said.

The public bet and everyone is convinced that the baby will be a girl. The Royal Palace had stated that the couple themselves did not know about sex, but all the thoughts are there.

We believe that the couple has knowledge of the opposite of sex. According to our sources, punters like to recall that an incident happened last March when Kate accepted a teddy bear from a well-meaning person and allegedly said “thank you – I’ll take it for my fella. . . . ”. The big assumption is that Kate stopped at that moment at the word “girl” without being able to say it completely.

Gambling, Contest, Poker, HappinessAll bets are therefore on the line. If it turns out that it is a boy, a majority of punters hastened to add the name of George or James to the list of first names that the princess will choose in the end.

Reflecting the worldwide fascination on this baby where everyone is looking forward to his arrival. William Hill, Britain’s biggest bookmaker, recently said he personally bet $ 150,000 on the baby’s coming.

The bets are therefore open. And you ? What will the baby’s name be? How much are you willing to bet to win?